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BBETTERDAILY: A Success Story- R.H. Macy

R.H. Macy was hardly an instant success in retail. In fact, the first four store locations that he opened were abject failures (including the first true Macy’s store in Massachusetts.) Between 1843-1855, every one of these dry goods stores died on the vine on poor consumer demand and lackluster sales totals.

There is a learning curve in just about every type of business you can imagine. For R.H. Macy, retail was no different. Arguably, what finally paved the way for him to be successful was opening a store in a premier location (New York City) instead of in areas with weak demand. In any case, it’s clear that Macy endured his early failures with eyes wide open, soaking up all of the lessons he could and avoiding the same mistakes later on.

Now every November we enjoy the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and there is a Macy’s in just about every major city.