BBETTERDAILY: A Success Story- Joan Rivers

You didn’t laugh at Joan Rivers, you laughed with her- she had this wonderful gift of being able to laugh at herself (and she could get you to laugh at yourself too!) She faced challenges in life and had a really difficult time dealing with some of them but through it all, she never let her audience down. Joan absolutely LOVED her career, and the world of comedy certainly loved her. She will be missed by fashionistas and people who love to laugh everywhere. RIP Joan Rivers…


Sweet Girl’s Patience Pays Off

A mom who couldn’t afford to buy the presents on her daughter’s wish list received an act of kindness from another shopper.

“I don’t really need any of them mommy,” a young girl said while holiday shopping with her cash-strapped mother, according to a worker at the store.

“The mom looked completely heartbroken, and also so grateful for a daughter who wasn’t throwing a tantrum,” the employee wrote. “This ADORABLE, elderly man who was in the store asked me to get the mom’s name and phone number and tell her we were having a raffle, so I did.”

He then paid for every single item on the little girl’s list!

Casting Off Kindness
“Just the other day I went down to our local fishing hole with two friends and a casting net,” TD wrote. “We got a couple shrimp, but were obviously struggling.” He said a nearby group, who had plenty of gear and were successfully catching crabs, stopped to help. “They gave us their lines, bait, net, and even their beer, and let us go to town.”
When thanked for their hospitality, which resulted in 20 crabs to bring home, one group member replied, “just paying it forward.”