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The creator of BBETTERDAILY, Mark D. Todd, is a visionary who loves to serve. Mark has been immersing himself in and applying the ideologies and sciences of the law of attraction, success, religion, business and self-development for several years. He has studied the works of countless successful men who have changed and continue to change the course of the world. Some of his favorite mentors include Dr. Wayne Dyer, Napoleon Hill, James Allen, Joe Dispenza, Steve Siebold, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Kevin Trudeau, and Dr. Stephen R. Covey, among many other greats. Mark keeps an open mind and loves exploring new information that will increase the quality of life for the collective. Coming into an awakened understanding by way of acquiring information, Mark has borne a new passion, and that is serving others. Almost every one feels as though they would be better off had they known something they know now, years ago. His theory is that the world would be a better place if more people knew and had access to the information and enlightenment he has been afforded. This belief is what spawned BBETTERDAILY. Mark Todd’s mission with BBETTERDAILY is to show people a better way to live by increasing their awareness of the infinite possibilities that lie within them. He is a firm believer in that one way to ensure success in any desired area of life is to find a mentor. Mark would like to use BBETTERDAILY as a vehicle to offer himself as a mentor to a great many people. Everyday, little by little, we encourage people and show them ways to live better lives by becoming better people. Mark Todd and BBETTERDAILY greatly appreciate you for wanting to be better and taking action!

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