BBETTERDAILY: Feb. 25, 2014- 10 More Powerful Beliefs That Will Push You Toward Success

As promised, here are the remaining 10 tips taken from “20 Powerful Beliefs That Will Push You Toward Success”, written by Gilbert Ross. As, recommended with the 1st half, it would be a good idea to make affirmations out of the ones you really have a hard time getting through your skull. Review the list before you leave the house for the day and/or go to bed at night to begin reprogramming your brain. If you missed 1-10, follow the link at the bottom of this page to catch up.

10 (of 20) Powerful Beliefs That Will Push You Toward Success:

11. My past can be reviewed and rewritten
Some people are locked in their past or think that their past circumstances determine their future. Successful people are skillful in the art of interpreting their past and reframinmg it according to their optimal advantage.

12. There are forces and energies which can help me if I’m conscious
You might be thinking magic? Fairies? Not exactly. We cannot perceive certain subtle energies but some successful people believe in positive and negative energy flows from things and people just like ancient Chinese traditions believed in the flow of the Chi (Qi) or life energy. You can make yourself aware of this but it takes practice.

13. Failure is good
As in point 9, empowered people can turn a failure into success by learning from it and moving on.

14. Don’t take it personally
Get out of the trap of taking life circumstances personally or you will end up enslaved emotionally. When you get rejections, criticisms, cold shoulders, etc., put in within an impersonal bracket. They are not rejecting me, but an idea of me they have in their mind.

15. Bad patches are temporary
We all pass through bad patches. It’s the cycle of life. But we all get out of them unless we chose not to. Think outside of the moment.

16. What I learn can be improved and refined
Self-empowered people have a very dynamic view on life. There is always space for change and improvement especially on skills and lessons learnt.

17. I am constantly developing and expanding new capabilities
Just like the previous point, empowerment comes from a non-static outlook where life-affirming mind states are believed to expand not contract.

18. Things are impermanent, don’t attach yourself to things
This is a Buddhist concept which the real successful have learnt through experience. You might think that successful people are materialistic. I think the really successful are people who have a richer view on life and know how to ride life’s waves without getting emotionally attached.

19. Forget, forgive, rejoice
Don’t get stuck in resentment and grudges. Travel light without dragging an emotional baggage full of past disappointments.

20. I already have all I need
Self-explanatory. The path to success is through self-discovery and not world conquest as some would believe. People who have made it knew how to uncover their skills and true potential instead of obsessing with possessing.…werful-beliefs/

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