BBETTERDAILY Jan. 28, 2014

Create a powerful vision of yourself

Self-belief doesn’t come just by way of trying to convince yourself that you are something else or you have something that you don’t. The only thing you accomplish is creating a sense of false belief. True self-belief actually comes from developing the vision that you are your ideal self, you have the things you desire and you live your dream life.

Visualization is natural but it can also be a learned skill for those of us who seem to have forgotten how it’s done. Make a habit of sitting down, closing your eyes, and watching yourself behaving and having what you want most. You have to engage all your senses and really encase yourself in the “imaginary” world. This imaginary world is your future.

The 1st video below is John Assaraf with a brief explanation on how to do creative visualization. The 2nd video is a 10 minute guided meditation or visualization exercise. If you are a beginner, guided visualizations may work best for you. Please experiment and experience your future in the present. Do this often and recreate your world!


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