BBETTERDAILY Nov. 27, 2013

“We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.” -N.A. Maxwell
How are you blessing others with your blessings? Similar to untapped/unused talent, it is a shame to be in a position to help others and do nothing. And just like the cause of a recession is because people take money out of circulation (hoard it for “safe keeping”), if you hoard your blessings, it slows down the progression of civilization or the human species as a whole. One thing Tupac Shakur said was that he may not be the man to start a revolution but he might say a lyric that sparks something in someone else and inspires them to begin a revolution. His intention was that he would use his talents, position and fame to encourage someone to start a movement to bring attention to and/ or rectify a social wrong. Your blessings are not just monetary, you can be blessed in every way imaginable and use those fortunes creatively to help someone else reach a goal or take a step. Do not let your blessings stop with you; use it to be a blessing to somebody else, or else what is it really worth to the world? Think about how you could go about spreading your blessings.

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