User Kamuri uploaded this image of herself with this caption:

“I know I’m not a pretty girl but I’ve never been so happy in my life”

And the comments started pouring in taking this photo to the front page… which is no easy task.

The beautiful part? These were the comments:

And they just kept coming…

Random people from all around the world chiming in to support her and let her know how beautiful she is…


Kamuri could not believe the amount of positive reponses she received, leaving this comment:

“Frontpage?! You guys are amazing! :D Thank you all so much for your kind words and the congratulations. My Husband and I are stunned. That’s why I love to be an imgurian girl”

If this doesn’t restore your faith in humanity, I don’t know what will. People are good, and people are kind. Don’t let the actions of a few bad ones change your view on the rest.

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