A picture is worth a thousand words, but for Raleigh Callaway it could possibly save his life. Callaway is a police officer and father of three, who is suffering from stage 5 kidney failure.

In a desperate attempt to find a donor, Callaway’s wife posted a photo of their family, with their 2 young daughters holding a sign reading, “Our daddy needs a kidney!”

Chris Carroll saw the photo online from his home in Texas and immediately felt moved to help the Callaways and see if he was a match. Turns out, he was a perfect match.

“I just knew. Even though there were thousands of people who called in. I just had a feeling that was going to happen,” says Carroll.

As Callaway’s health began to decline, Carroll pushed to speed up the donation process. Less than 10 weeks after he first saw the family photo, Carroll is donating his kidney to what he once considered a stranger.

Watch the video above to see Kristi Callaway’s emotional “thank you” to Carroll.

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