Hey friends. Over the past few months I’ve had tons of my people ask me how have I been able to become financially free & retire before the age of 40. As much as I would like to think that I’m just super smart, the honest truth is that success leaves clues, & I’ve studied all the most successful people and learned to do what they have done. I’ve decided to share these success secrets with anyone that has a desire to be all they can every Monday nite @9pm. The “Power in a Half Hour” will not last longer than 30 minutes. I will not be discussing any business opportunities, just success tips & techniques. Please share this with your friends. the call in # is 404-793-7050 (no pin required). The service I use only allows 100 callers so please be on time or text: “add me” to 678-333-8352 to have system automatically call you @ 9pm. Trust me. This 30 minutes will be a great investment into your future. Thank You.
Coach Mark Starr


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